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Pest Control for Bats in Massachusetts.

Bats in the Greater Boston area are very beneficial to the environment but when a colony of bats take up residence in your attic is when bats become pests. When this happens it's time for you to call Boston Bat Removal, Bostons local Bat Removal experts.

Bat hanging on Curtain.

Boston Bat Removal provides expert Bat Removal services to the greater Boston area. Our bat-proofing services are custom-tailored to each individual customer. We utilize humane bat-removal tools to ensure that no bats are harmed in the process.

A typical Bat Removal Project usually consists us removing a bat from the living space of a home, a thorough inspection followed by a detailed quote and then if the customer accepts our quote a bat-proofing/exclusion service.

Bat Removal Service- We remove individual bats from the living space of houses just about year-round in Massachusetts. If you have a bat flying around your house we strongly recommend that you try to keep it in one room by closing the doors to that room. Once you lose track of a bat in a house they are very hard to locate. Call us and we'll get out to remove it ASAP.

Inspection- An inspection involves us crawling around your attic and climbing on your roof analyzing the situation. Once we have seen all there is to see, we will produce a written quote for the project. This quote is a true "Quote" in that the price on the quote is a final price NOT an estimate. We charge a small fee for coming out to conduct an inspection of your home. If you accept our proposal the inspection fee will be credited toward the price of the job.

Bat-Proofing/Exclusion- In the Bat Exclusion process we will locate the entry points that the bats are using to get into your attic and install custom one-way door mechanisms on these areas. Once that is complete we will then seal the rest of the house to prevent bats from getting back in at another location. As the bats exit the one-way doors they will not be able to re-enter the house and the problem is solved.

Bat Guano Cleanup- In heavy bat infestations in which large amounts of guano are present we frequently provide bat guano removal and attic decontamination services. In our initial inspection report we will note if these services are necessary and provide pricing.

Bat removed from bath tub.

Some people immediately think of the word "exterminators" when they have a bat problem. The definition of the word "exterminator" means to "rid by lethal means". By that definition we are NOT "Bat exterminators" because we do not kill bats. Some people in our area will search for - Massachusetts Bat Exterminators or Boston Bat Exterminators when they have a bat problem. We hope that these people find this page and use a company that does not kill bats.

If you'd like more information about our Bat Removal and Exclusion services you can call us or email us using the information on our contact page.