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Mice access point

In the fall when the cold weather arrives large groups of mice will chew their way into homes to find a warm, dry place to reside for the winter. We usually begin to get calls for mice control in Boston during the month of October. Some years it can happen in one night if a cold snap hits. Some days we will get 15 calls for mice in a single day. People call us thinking that they have squirrels when in fact it is only mice. How can a little mouse make all that racket? For starters it is usually a number of mice. As they travel through walls and ceilings they will knock over debris causing it to fall into walls and voids. 

Mice Extermination Services

Our Mice control program has two stages- Trap and remove the resident mice and seal off all openings and actually mouse-proof the house. In some cases, when conditions are right, we are able to totally prevent mice from entering the home. Total mouse-prevention is usually possible in newer homes with solid foundations and properly installed basement doors.  

Mice Control Services

In situations where complete mice prevention is not possible we offer mice baiting services using rodenticides. These bait stations will control the mouse-population of the home. Our customers frequently report that the mouse noises subside within 7 days of our treatments. As part of our mice control programs we schedule visits quarterly to monitor and refill these bait stations.

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