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The lowly Norway rat is the critter that gets the award for being the filthiest varmint in Massachusetts. These creatures patrol the streets, alleys and backyards at night scavenging for leftover garbage. Rats in Boston carry a wide variety of diseases such as hantavirus and rat-bite fever. Our local rats usually enter homes through foundations or loose bulkhead doors. Once in your home they will leave droppings and generate a terrible odor. Rat droppings also carry disease and parasites.

What we offer - Rat Removal and Rat Prevention

In situations where rats already reside in houses we remove the resident rat population using rat trapping and rat control devices and then eliminate the access points. In cases were total rat prevention/proofing is not possible we utilize rat-baiting and rat control services to keep the local rat population as low as possible. To determine which service best fits your situation we first need to conduct a thorough inspection of the home. Contact us using the information provided below to schedule an inspection for a rat inspection.


**It is always much easier and cheaper to prevent a rat problem than it is to treat a rat infestation once it is established. Most of the time the homeowner can prevent a rat problem by keeping a sealed foundation and replacing old bulkhead and basement doors.**


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