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Nuisance raccoon in attic, breeding, and creating more nuisance raccoons.

Providing Raccoon Removal services for Boston's Suburban towns.

Throughout the year we get calls for raccoon problems. There are 3 common situations in which raccoons become a nuisance to the homeowner:

1. Backyards Raccoons- These Raccoons come around at night and knock over garbage cans, raid bird feeders and eat food that is left out for cats and dogs. This issue can usually be solved by removing the food that is attracting the raccoons.

2. Raccoons in Chimneys- We remove raccoons from chimneys year-round but we always get a surge of these calls in the spring as the adult females seek out safe places to give birth to their young.

3. Raccoons in Attics and Buildings- Raccoons gain access to attic and buildings through areas of wood-rot, deterioration or sometimes vents.

We provide expert removal, exclusion and cleanup services for raccoon infestations in Massachusetts. If you have a raccoon problem and would like to speak to a raccoon removal expert you can contact us using the information on our contact page.