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Boston Skunk Control

A young skunk caught, and ready for re-location.

Providing Skunk removal services to Boston and the surrounding towns.

Skunks in our area become a nuisance when they release their strong musk while under porches, houses and in backyards. Our skunks removal services involve trapping as well as installing screens and securing areas in which skunks inhabit.

We provide skunk removal services during the fall, winter and spring each year. However the month of February is breeding season for our local skunks. During this time there are males competing over females in heat. This results in in fighting skunks that frequently spray each other during the heat of battle. If a skunk sprays while under a house the odor can get so bad that the entire house becomes un-inhabitable. The odor gets into the carpets, clothing and furniture and takes months to completely go away. Some people may think that a skunk living under a foundation is not a reason for concern until a situation like this arises and they have to stay in a hotel for a week while the smell is treated. For this reason we advise that you get your skunks evicted before it comes to this point.

If you would like to speak to someone about getting rid of skunks please use the information on our contact page.