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Our service area.

Boston Bat Removal provides professional Pest Control in Boston Massachusetts. We are unlike other traditional pest control companies in that the pests that we control are nuisance animals and not insects. The pests that we commonly remove are bats, squirrel, rats, birds, mice, raccoons and skunks. 

Animal Exterminators in Boston Massachusetts

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Even though Boston is a big city and there are very few trees in some areas, there are still lots of critters running around the neighborhoods. These animals typically live in houses, building and other man-made areas. The most common animal pests that we deal with in Boston are listed below.

Squirrels typically chew their way into the roofs of houses and cause damage once inside. It is not uncommon for us to find large families of squirrels living inside the roofs and attics of houses in the greater Boston area. We use humane Havahart traps in our squirrel trapping services. Once the squirrels are removed we repair the entry-points to prevent them from re-infesting the house. 

Bats becomes pests when they enter houses through small holes and crevices in rooflines and chimneys. Any area of Boston that has a decent mosquito population in the warmer months will have bats. Bats will often take up residence in attics through the city. We offer pest control for bats in Boston. Visit our Massachusetts Bat Removal page for more information on our bat control services.

Bats will also fall down chimneys and become trapped in your home. It is very important to have your chimney properly capped to prevent bats from falling into it. For more information on chimney caps please contact us

**Bat Trapping- We do not trap and kill bats. Technically there is no such thing as a bat trap**

Rats are found throughout the city. Boston rats are typically found in the urban areas of the city and do not usually venture out into the suburbs. The reason for this is because rats need a food source. They cannot survive on acorns and other nuts like squirrels can. Boston rats are happiest when they have a dumpster full of garbage in front of them. We provide pest control for rats in Boston. We remove these pests with our rat trapping services and then make repairs to the entry-points. It is very difficult and in many cases impossible to prevent rats from entering houses and buildings. Old, loose foundations and construction defects allow rats to enter many buildings in the city. Total rat removal and rat proofing can sometimes be a very difficult service. 

Skunks will often dig under patios and foundations to get into a dark, safe area. The skunk's powerful spray is what makes these animals unwelcome. We provide skunk pest control in Boston and the surrounding towns. We remove skunks from yards via skunk trapping. Our skunk traps are made by Havahart and are completely humane.  

Birds - In the spring we often get calls for birds in dryer vents. They build nests in these areas by carrying dry straw and grass inside. This creates a serious fire hazard as hot air from the dryer is stopped by the bird's nest. If you have birds in your dryer vent we strongly advise you to deal with the problem and have them removed.

Mice Removal- Mice complaints are among the most frequent calls we receive. We provide both mouse baiting and mouse prevention services in greater Boston. Visit our Boston Mice Control page for more information.

Insect Pest Control in Boston

As previously mentioned we do not provide insect extermination services. However if you have a problem with termites, bed bugs or are in need of ant control in Boston feel free to contact us and we will refer you to a one of our associate companies that are reputable insect specialists.


Please contact us to setup an inspection or for more information on Boston Animal Removal